Capilano Suspension Bridge Vancouver

Cap Kids

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park welcomes all kids to go on an adventure! Cross the bridge which hangs 230ft (70m) from the water and venture through the highest tree tops of North America. A memorable experience for everyone!

Discover Cap Kids:

Rainforest Explorers Program with Jared

Kids Rainforest Explorer

Our Rainforest Explorers Program is a self-guided interactive kids program which allows kids (of all ages) to explore the rainforest looking for signs and collecting research data while learning all about our west coast rainforest.  Pick up your explorer information from the Treehouse at the beginning of Treetops Adventure.  Once you have collected all your answers return your clipboard to the Treehouse and you will be rewarded with your very own Rainforest Explorer’s badge!

its an adventure on the treetops

It’s an adventure on the treetops

Be like a squirrel, getting as high as 100 feet (the height of a stack of 240 pop cans) from the forest floor. Treetops Adventure takes you from one high tree platform to the next on a specially engineered and secured set of suspension bridges. While you’re up high, look out for Grandma Capilano. At 200 ft, she is the tallest tree in the forest.

capilano treehouse

Come and play in our treehouse

Located at the beginning of Treetops Adventure our treehouse is very cool.   It was completely built using only reclaimed wood.  From the top floor you get a great view of the rainforest.  Check out the Dr. Woods cabinet and discover some of our natures treasures.  Meet you there!

capilano suspension bridge

That’s one big bridge

The original Capilano Suspension bridge was built in 1889. Its first cables were actually hemp ropes. Since then the ropes have been replaced with cables strong enough to hold up a fully loaded 747 airliner! The bridge is 450 feet (137 m) long and hangs 230 feet (70m) above Capilano River. Millions of people from all over the world have visited the bridge including rockstars, movie stars, and royalty!

capilano suspension bridge fudge

Oh fudge!

Every year our guests enjoy a total of 10,000 pounds or more of fudge. That’s almost 5 tons! Our favourite flavour is Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. Other very popular flavours include Dark Chocolate Coconut and Chewy Praline. You just have to come by and try some!

raptops ridge

Come play with the birds from Raptors Ridge

Weekends from May 18th and everyday from June 22nd to September 2nd, you can see birds of prey including hawks, falcons and owls – birds like West Jet, the lanner falcon, who is fast like a plane and very skilled at catching smaller birds and bats. He also has a high-pitched, almost screaming voice so you’ll always know when he’s coming.

kids rainforest explorer

So much to explore in the rainforest

Be a Rainforest Explorer – your research will take you deep into the life of a West Coast rainforest, its ecosystem and the responsibility of protecting this particular rainforest, which contains trees that have seen over 6,000 seasons.