family activity in the rain at capilano suspension bridge park

Cap Kids

Come Out and Play

Mother with her daughter playing the Kids Rainforest Explorer activity at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Be a Rainforest Explorer

Dr. Woods, Ranger Racoon, Scout Squirrel, Ollie Otter, and Echo Eagle welcome kids of all ages to the Rainforest Explorers Program— a self-guided exploration into the life of the rainforest. Start by getting your booklet at the Treehouse, the start of Treetops Adventure, and fill up its games and puzzles on your way through the rainforest. Then, collect your Rainforest Explorer’s reward before heading back across the suspension bridge.

Cap Kids!

Meet Chloe and join her as she explores all the fun things to see and do at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park! Get a behind-the-scenes look and visit the Story Centre, Kia’palano, the suspension bridge, Cliffwalk, and Treetops Adventure!

Fun Facts

Strong as Steel 

The suspension bridge may not look like it, but it’s actually super strong. It can hold the weight of a fully loaded 747 airplane, or about 75 full-grown elephants.

Keep an Eye Out

Wildlife is everywhere here! Resident Douglas squirrels, rainbow trout in the pond, and from time to time a great blue heron, a raven and even a bald eagle.

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