aerial overhead view of capilano suspension bridge

The Suspension Bridge

Grab onto its thick steel cables and wobble across the world-famous Capilano Suspension Bridge. Stretching 137 metres (450 feet), this historic crossing takes you from manicured gardens adorning First Nations totem poles to the natural tranquility of the temperate rainforest.

World Famous for a Reason

Originally built with hemp rope and cedar planks, the bridge has seen a few upgrades since 1889. Now steel cables make it strong enough to hold, say, 75 full-grown elephants. Over the past 130 years, visitors from every country on earth have come to take in its swaying views. No matter the time of day or season in which you visit, you’ll have the opportunity to take a walk like millions of others – from local BC residents to rock stars, movie stars and royalty.

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