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22 Jul

Something Fishy in our Ponds!

July 22, 2016

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is full of wildlife and nature. One of our summer attractions is our Trout Pond filled with Rainbow trout, a freshwater salmonoid. They like to eat insects, insect larvae, and fish food. The trout are not only beautiful to look at, but they also help create the ecology of the forest, managing the bugs and serving as food for local birds like osprey and great blue heron as well as a curious river otter from time to time.

Each year we start off with about 650 trout! How do we get the fish into the pond you ask? Well, at the beginning of every summer season we bring them in on a truck in a mobile tank. Before the fish are introduced into their new home, the water is first tested to ensure it’s the right temperature of about 12 degrees Celsius. Then, with the help of the Maintenance team we carefully scoop them up from the tank and place them into our small ponds with a fish net.

The fun really begins when we transport the trout into our big pond! Since we are transporting over 400 fish we use a wooden flume to act as a fish highway. A tube is connected from the fish tank to the flume, and away they go! Hundreds of trout splashing into our pond in a matter of seconds; it’s an exciting time and always draws a crowd.

Rainbow Trout Photo

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