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28 Oct

Ten Rainy Day Reasons to Visit

October 28, 2016

With Vancouver’s rainy season ahead, here are a few reasons why you should visit Capilano Suspension Bridge Park on a rainy day:

1.  Get a true West Coast rainforest experience

2.  The Canyon gets a cool mist that hangs around the bridge which is only possible during rainy days

3.  You’ll get to wear our posh (and free!) biodegradable ponchos

4.  The smell of the rainforest after and during a fresh rainfall is always invigorating

5.  Giant Banana slugs like to come out on rainy days

6.  The park is much quieter on rainy days so you’ll have a less interrupted experience

7.  Photographers! The lighting is optimal during a cloudy day for an epic Pacific North West shot

8.  The sound of the river raging under the bridge

9.  Practice your best cover of Gene Kelly’s “Singing in the Rain” under the canopy of trees

10.  An excellent excuse to purchase one of our snazzy, official rainforest umbrellas



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Face masks are encouraged, but no longer required. Proof of vaccination is no longer required to enter the Park or dine in the Cliff House Restaurant. Please do not enter the Park if you display any symptoms of COVID-19. For more details, please visit our Special Advisory Page